Frequently Asked Questions


Isn’t it too short?

No! The length was optimized for the thread pattern, any more length would not increase the holding power of the anchor. The thread pattern on the screw was designed after an orthopedic bone screw, and modified to effectively grip in the unique density of hay bales. You will notice the top of each thread is flat, and the bottom is tapered to allow easy insertion by hand. The Anchor is long enough to grip multiple flakes of hay and holds securely through 60+ mph winds.

What about hot and cold weather?

The anchors are injection molded polypropylene, which means they are made of the best material for the job. They work well in temperature extremes, won’t rust in a moist environment, and their bright orange color makes them easy to find!

Can I buy them in stores?

Hay Anchors are available in many local farm and ranch stores across the US. We are working on partnering with some of the larger chain farm and ranch stores so that Hay Anchors are available in even more locations.

Can Hay Anchors be used in round bales?

Hay Anchors can be used in any type of baled hay, and any shape bale, including round bales. For the best holding power on round bales place the anchors under the curve of the bale, close to the ground. Insert Hay Anchors right through any netting or material you use on your round bales.

What about ‘loaf’ bales?

Hay that is kept in ‘loaves,’ or not actually baled is not dense enough to hold Hay Anchors. In this case, the best way to cover the loaves is to run Hay Anchors into the ground around the loaves (using an impact or speed wrench) and use them as anchor points to connect the tarp straps.