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How to Use

1. Insert Anchors in Hay Bales

2. When placing in square bales, anchors MUST be placed into the ends of the balesĀ in order to cross flakes. In round bales, anchors MUST be placed into the curved surface of the bale. Insert Anchor until back face is snuggly contacting hay.

3. Attach Your Tarp Strap Device



How Many?

Windy icon Windy Locations

1 Anchor placed every
4 feet along your tarp

Windy placement

Sunny icon Calm Locations

1 Anchor placed every
6-8 feet along your tarp

Sunny placement

What Others Say

Hay Anchors

Just received hay anchors yesterday. Opening the box I was impressed with the construction. Upon putting them to use I was very impressed with their functionality. They screwed into our very tight medium square alfalfa bales by hand without difficulty for both my wife and myself. We have struggled in the past holding up the plastic deer netting to protect our alfalfa bales, not anymore these anchors do an excellent job of securing the netting to the stack and the deer are unable to pull it down or get under it. The anchors will work great in securing our tarps over our small bales also. Will share with our local Game and Fish department. Fantastic product!!!
-- David H

Hay Anchors

Just ordered some of your hay anchors, great idea!
-- Shelly

Hay Anchors

I got some hay anchors from... a friend from (the) Tulare fair - it is working very well
-- Gustavo O., Brazil

Hay Anchors

I purchased Hay Anchors through FarmTek, they work great!
-- Satisfied Customer at World Ag Expo, Tulare, CA


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